Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: Produce Tally 2016

Produce Tally 2016

Tally so far: 16.36 lbs

5/20/16 I have tried and failed for the last 3 years to keep a tally of the amount of food that I have grown in my garden, harvested and eaten or shared. This year has not started off the best. It is May 22nd. I have harvested bags and bags of kale, a few salads of lettuce, and several radishes, already, as well as basil leaves, green onions and other fresh herbs and one sandwich bag of sugar pod peas. I will estimate this to be: 4 lbs

5/22/16 0.40 oz Strawberries, 1.85 oz Alpine Strawberries, 5.25 oz Green Onions (purple), 2.7 oz Green Onions (Walla Walla), 25.35 oz Kale, 24.25 oz Radishes, 15.05 oz Butter Lettuce, 4.6 oz Romaine Lettuce = 4.97 lbs

5/25/16 5.95 oz Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas, 1.0 oz Strawberries, 1.15 oz Alpine Strawberries, 3.85 oz Red Raspberries, 0.25 oz Jelly Bean Blueberries (the first 6 berries), 26.3 oz Savory (herb), 13.85 oz Sage (herb), 1.0 oz Basil, 0.65 oz Marigold Flowers (herb) = 3.375 lbs

5/28/16 0.20 oz Alpine Strawberries, 0.40 oz Golden Raspberries, 5.35 oz Red Raspberries, 4.75 oz Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas, 0.05 oz Basil, 13.0 oz Kale = 1.48 lbs

5/30/16 13.85 oz Red Raspberries, 3.40 oz Strawberries (both types), 4.95 oz Blueberries, 6.35 oz Broccoli, 4.85 oz Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas, 7.0 oz Green Onions - Molly picked and ate all of the golden raspberries without weighing them. = 2.525 lbs

(herb) = something grown in the garden that we may not eat, but it may be dried and used for fragrance, making soap, or something like that. We do eat lots of herbs grown in the garden, but we also use a lot making soap, and helping the chicken coup smell clean and keeping the chickens healthy.

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