Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: Chicken Update: Two weeks old

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicken Update: Two weeks old

Okay, remember last week I posted pictures of each chick showing the progress of their feather growth and the color patterns on their feet? I thought I would do that again today to give you an update.  The best laid plans of mice and men (or should I say chicks and women)..... Well, anyways, I did get this cute video:

This is Lilith.  Her tail is getting huge and she is getting very forward and friendly.  She sees my arm and thinks, "there is my favorite perch again." 

We have named them all now.  Lilith and Fluffy you know. The one formerly known as poopy butt is called Brie, and the light colored reddish brown one is named Ginger.  Ginger is acting a little under the weather this week.  I have tried not to bother her too much and let her rest.  She seems better today, I hope she pulls through.  I haven't noticed any specific symptoms besides that she seems a little bit sluggish and tired compared to the others.  I have also caught her holding her wings weirdly, letting them hang a bit.  She isn't getting worse, so I will hope for the best.  I know chicks can come from the hatchery with all kinds of awful diseases.  Now that she has a name we are kind of attached to her.

Brie is almost as friendly as Lilith and will also come when called:

This is not the first video I made of Brie, I have to admit.  In the first on she ran right over and jumped in my hand.  Then I bumped the side wall of the photo set and the whole thing came crashing down.  No chicks were harmed in the making of that film, but she was pretty scared.  It took me a few minutes to get her to do it again. Poor Brie.  She really is a sweetie.

Fluffy is not as tame, but she will also sit on my hand and balance.  She still has no tail.  She also has developed a little balding spot on the back of her neck.  Don't worry no one pecks her.  She is just making a very awkward transition to her, hopefully, beautiful feathers.

They are really starting to poop and eat more these last two days.  I will need to buy them a new larger bag of food pretty soon. I have cleaned out the brooder once and it is time to do it again. I had to put a hardware cloth lid on the brooder because they were starting to look up and judge the distance to jump /fly over it.  Lilith tried to jump to me once.  They can't jump or fly that far yet, but I figured that I shouldn't wait until I find chicken poop all over my attic craft room before I make the lid.

If I can get them to stand still for even a second I will try to post some good pictures of them soon.

Here's Lilith.  I had just hopped out of the shower, so my hair is wet and there is no makeup, sorry.  Heehee

I did get this one picture that isn't too bad.  This is Brie.  She is just starting to get a tail.  She is still the heaviest and the one with the thickest legs.

I hope you enjoyed the chicken videos.  I know I enjoyed making them.  Have a nice evening.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how Lilith just climbs right up your arm! she is adorable. Heck, they are ALL adorable!