Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: Cold and Rainy Weather Can't Stop These Peas

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cold and Rainy Weather Can't Stop These Peas

I mentioned in my organization post last time that I had a mystery pea variety. Well, so far, the half of the row that I know the variety of is out performing the mystery one.  These are the Burpee Dark Seeded Early Perfection.  The package says that they are a particularly early and drought tolerant.  I can't wait to taste and see if they are also delicious.

This picture is looking down the row of peas from the middle showing all of the Dark Seeded Early Perfection peas that are coming up. The other half of the row has about three sprouts barely showing.

The yellow onions that I planted from "bulbs" are finally showing signs of life.  About 1/4 of them are sprouting up.

My uncle will be very excited about this discovery I made today.  There are about five radish sprouts poking their little seed leaves out of the ground.  Radishes are so rewarding to grow.  They grow very fast and you can eat every inch of them, but I still don't get very excited about planting them until my uncle Kevin reminds me.  Last time I planted radishes I gave him almost every one of them that I pulled up.  I do plan on eating some this time.  I bought three varieties of seeds: Cherry Belle (shown above), Easter Egg II Mix, and Sparkler. I have not planted the Easter Egg Mix or Sparkler yet.

The garlic is continuing to grow and look very good.

These are the onions that I planted from little sets in a bundle, Walla Walla Sweets.

We planted our lawn about three weeks ago.  We are getting discouraged by the fact that it hasn't been sprouting.  I noticed these small sprouts this morning.  Not nearly enough to make a lawn, but maybe it is just the cold weather holding them back after all.  I hope that when it warms up it takes off and fills in. 

One problem I have noticed is that there are loads of volunteer sunflowers sprouting up already.  Since we won't be able to mow the lawn for some weeks, if ever, these may cause some problems.  We didn't do anything with the yard last year and we had these weedy, branchy sunflowers everywhere.  I tried to pull them out before they spread seeds everywhere, but was not very successful.

At first I had doubts that these little guys were sunflowers, because they were sprouting so early.  It is still freezing at night here. After I saw this guy my doubts disappeared.  See the sunflower seed shell stuck on the leaf?
We are also having quite a few maple trees sprouting up everywhere.  I don't know what to do about this besides pulling them out whenever we see them.  I don't want maple trees everywhere.

We have loads of these beautiful violets growing in nooks and crannies, especially on the shady side of the house. I love them.  I don't want to get rid of them, but they are being infiltrated by a few weeds and grass, so I will have to at least try to do something about that.  Hopefully, they will reseed and spread all over again.

Speaking of spreading, I bought some starts of my favorite ground cover on Monday: creeping thyme.  My grandmother always used it in her gardens.  I went to her house to see if I could steel some starts a week ago, but saw that it had a lot of grass in it, so I opted to by some nursery starts. These ones had some Vinca minor growing in them.  I tried to pull them all out. The reasons I love this ground cover are that is it beautifully fragrant, step-able, flowers and attracts pollinators and looks very pretty. It is also very drought tolerant.  My grandmothers garden is in sandstone soil on the sunny side of a hill and she doesn't have to water hers at all. I am hoping it will just take off and fill in the spaces between my raised beds. I plan on adding stepping stones later to have places to step without stepping on bees.

The catnip my cousin dug up for me last year is coming back up.  I am debating weather I want to keep this or not.  It might be good in the shade garden on the shady side of the house.  I don't want to attract the neighbors cats to my yard.

These are all of my containers.  They are ready for plants.  I will grow some lettuces in them until it is time to plant the warm weather crops like eggplants.

The strawberries that I transplanted are greening up very quickly.  I hope to get a small crop this year and a big one next year.

The volunteer flowers in the mini irises are starting to bloom.

I have so many grape hyacinths that I am getting rid of a lot, but I am sure there will always be a few coming up here and there.

The tulips that I planted from bulbs in the fall are looking good.

I am getting a bit worried about whether or not I will get the pergola up in time for the hops.  They are already growing like crazy.  I think they have discovered that they have been freed from the pot and are really taking off.

I hope you enjoyed my update on the garden.  It is still very cold at night here, so things are still going slowly, but in a few weeks things are really going to start getting exciting.  Stay tuned.

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