Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: Typical Spring Weather Around Here: Cold, then warm, then cold again

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Typical Spring Weather Around Here: Cold, then warm, then cold again

It has been a while since I posted an update on the lawn, the raised beds, the chickens and the tomato and pepper starts indoors.  I think I will try to break it up so my post isn't like a book.  I took pictures on April 22nd and then again a week later on the 29th so I will try to put matching things together so you can see how much they grew that week.  First a quick update on the veggies in the raised beds:

April 22nd -  The tendrils of the peas are really grabbing onto the plum branch trellis.

April 29th - The second row of peas I planted has pretty much caught up to the first so it is one big mass of peas.  I love it.  We are going to get so many delicious peas.

April 22nd - You can compare the peas in this photo to the April 29th ones above.  Also, the broccoli and salad mix are visible here.

April 22nd - You can see each of the potatoes poking their heads out, some more than others. After I took this picture I decided it was time to pull some of the dirt down of the hills to bury the potatoes more.

This is a closer look at one of the Yukon Gold potatoes.

Just in case you were curious, this is what the buckwheat looks like when it is a couple weeks old.  I am sorry that we won't see what it looks like later because I pulled them all up when I moved the dirt onto the potatoes.

April 29th - The potatoes are all up through the added dirt I pulled down from the hills.  It is looking almost level now.  Just the few smaller plants have little dips now. There will be room on the left side (the front that faces the road) to put in flowers to make it look really nice from the road.

April 22nd - The Spinach.  This comparison will be slightly misleading because I have picked some to make two salads.

April 29th - I have also harvested leaves from this mixed salad greens section on the end next to the spinach.

April 22nd - They grew a lot in that week, didn't they.  Sometimes plants are so fast, and sometimes it seems to take forever.

April 22nd - This is a brussel sprout plant.  You can see where my cat, Cooper, chewed on the leaves.

April 29th - I don't have a picture of the brussel sprouts, but this is one of the broccoli I planted at the same time.  Cooper ate pretty much every leaf off of this one.  It is growing really big new leaves.

April 22nd -This is the other mixed salad green section. This mix is very different. I scatter planted these instead of rows.

April 29th - This picture is taken from a different perspective and farther back, but on the left side you can see that the salad greens are really growing.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have made two heaping salads from the garden for all three of us.  I just take my scissors out there and cut off leaves and leave the plants to make more. On the right side and middle of this picture you can see the radishes.

April 22nd - You may be able to tell that these radishes need thinning in this picture.  Don't worry, I thinned them as soon as I finished taking the picture.

Here is a closer look at one of these crunchy, sweet and spicy little guys.  How do I know what they taste like, you ask? Well, I ate some, of coarse.

Look at all these radishes I picked when I was thinning.  I also picked a few more for each of the salads we ate and a couple more for my uncle when he came to visit.  I have told you before, my uncle loves radishes fresh from the garden.  It really is all for him that I plant those.  I do like them, but I just don't get excited about them like he does.

April 22nd - The award for the most impressive growth in a week goes to: the romaine lettuce...

April 29th - Look at it.  I have even picked some, too.

April 22nd - I was very curious to see what arugula looked like when it came up.  I have eaten it and ordered it on pizzas, but I haven't grown it before.  It is very small when it sprouts, but it is growing. Compare it to the picture above to the right of the romaine lettuce.

Super close up.  I need to thin it, but it is very small and crowded   The seeds are so small that it was hard to plant fewer seeds at a time.

Three Kinds of Kale:
             April 22nd                                          April 29th

Smooth Leaf Kale

 Blue Curled Scotch Kale

Russian Red Kale

April 22nd -The golden fingerling, a.k.a. banana, potatoes are finally starting to get a foothold.  They are all up and have lots of leaves I just started bringing dirt down from the hills to cover the stems.

April 29th - In the background you can see the fava beans and the cabbages.

April 22nd

April 29th - They are starting to form little heads:

Look how cute they are.

April 22nd - the fava  beans are so huge, but I can't really see them growing lately. I think they are putting energy into branching out.  It has been cold and windy, too.

April 22nd - This is the Strawberry and fava bean patch, with the extra pots in the background.  I am still figuring out where I want to put those to make it look nice and increase my growing area.

April 29th




Okay, I'd better stop here or else it really will be a book.  I will have more updates coming up.  The chickens are doing great, and the lawn is coming along.  I have some news about the seeds I started indoors, too.

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