Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: More Baby Chick Pictures and a Video

Friday, March 15, 2013

More Baby Chick Pictures and a Video

I tried to talk my teenage daughter into holding the chicks and posing for pictures, but no luck.  I had to put them on a towel and hope they stayed still.
This little girl is the only one who stayed still enough to get a good picture.

Here she even sat down to rest while she stared at the camera.

You can see in the pictures that her middle toes are yellow.  You can tell them all apart by how much yellow there is on their middle toes.

I made this funny video of the chicks just doing what chicks do.  They are two days old here. I tried to get them to jump into my hand, but they were too busy.
These chicks sleep a lot more than I remember any other chicks of mine sleeping.  I guess they must be putting all their energy into growing.  They are eating and drinking plenty and pooping enough for an army.  They get really active, run around and make noise then they snooze for a while.  It is very cute when one is snoozing and another wakes her up.  The one that is woken looks around like, "what did I miss?"
I hope you enjoy the pictures and video.  They chicks will be changing so fast.  I will try to keep pictures coming.


  1. Wow, they aren't afraid of you at ALL. I can so hardly wait to meet Lilith and her sisters!

    1. I haven't htought of names for the others yet, but I think I have decided which one is Lilith. She is the strongest and kind of a bully.