Urban Homesteading on a Small City Lot: We Got Some Chicks Today, Aren't They Cute?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Got Some Chicks Today, Aren't They Cute?

It was a long trip home from the store after I bought them. I stopped by my mother-in-law's hair salon to show them to her.  When we got home, the chicks fell directly asleep under their heat lamp.  I picked each one up and showed them where the water and food are. They ate a bite or two and then fell asleep again leaning on the food container.  The one that is awake kept a very close eye on me while I photographed them.  She might be the mother hen of the bunch.

Here is the progress so far on the chicken coup outside.  We have a few weeks before the chicks will be ready to go out there.  We bought a coup that we just have to put together.  We are adding a foundation with a hardware cloth bottom to keep out digging predators and to have something sturdy to attach the coup to to keep out dogs and cats.  Laying cinder blocks is a very tedious heavy job. Yuck.
I originally wanted to get Black Jersey Giant hens, but was going to settle for Black Australorps because they are easier to get and more size appropriate.  The Black Australorps proved just as hard to get ahold of, despite every feed store in town telling me they would get them in.  They just keep getting shipments without the Black Australorps.  I finally gave in and picked a new variety.  I chose the black sex-linked cross.  My grandpa has one, and it is really friendly and beautiful.  It lays good sized brown eggs very regularly, too. I think that since we don't plan on breeding them, these will be just fine for our egg laying pets. The chicks are very cute as you can see in the above photo, and they are not scared of me at all.  They actually will step up into your hand if you put it in there.
I have loads to post about the yard and garden. I have been too busy working out there to post anything for a while, but I have been taking pictures.  Hopefully I will be able to take the time later today to type up a summary of what we have been up to.

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